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Dedicated to sustainable communities and organizations

Plura Consulting offers public speaking services for communities and organizations that want to make a positive social or environmental impact. Driven by your passion to make a difference, we promote your responsible initiatives. Plura offers services to community groups, public institutions, private firms, and NGOs at events such as fairs, workshops, conferences, summits, and forums.

Through original, charismatic, and clear public speaking, we communicate your social or environmental commitment to your audience

Former presentations of our Public Speaker and CEO – Daniela Cox 

  • Presenting events for the first movements to raise awareness on plastic pollution in Galapagos – reaching the local community and the local authorities to implement actions (2017)
  • Lecturing about “Galapagos Illegal Shark Finning” at the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference in Wellington – emphasizing local participation in Galapagos (2017)
  • Lecturing about achievements and challenges in Galapagos as an endemic naturalist guide onboard expeditions for National Geographic – sharing a local approach with tourists from around the world (2014-2017)
  • Launching the new waste management program as the Municipal Environmental Director in San Cristobal, Galapagos – achieving a 90% compliance rate (2014)
  • Facilitating Youth Leadership Workshops as Alternate Congresswoman Representative for Galapagos – empowering 200 local students (2010)

Why Choose Plura?

With the current climate crisis, communities and organizations strive to communicate their positive social or environmental initiatives. Hiring a public speaker with experience in the private and public sector, as well as in  community organizing, will strengthen the bond between sectors from an interdisciplinary approach. From visibilising the community participation, or promoting waste management campaigns, to promoting your responsible brand in sustainable events, Plura Consulting has the right skills to integrate public speaking and facilitation into your community and organization’s context to captivate your audience.

Our Values

Originally from Plural, Plura means diverse, as we believe that every stakeholder should be considered when representing your community and organization. In fact, we strengthen communities and link them with governments and businesses for truly sustainable societies. 

In addition, we are constantly driven by expanding our network and updating our knowledge. We are a consulting firm with a holistic perspective, acting locally and thinking globally.


With Plura Consulting you will get

Close collaborative process

We will make sure to stay in close contact with you to provide an optimal service


The company is based in Copenhagen, but we can travel if needed. Communication can take place online as well

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We provide our service in English or Spanish

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We value transparency - the price of our service will be settled before the work starts