Impact Business Ecosystems

Established in Denmark in 2019, Plura Consulting is a consultancy firm dedicated to businesses with purpose, to meet social, economic, and environmental impact.


Our consultancy services to impact across industries and regions include:

  • Advising on sustainable certifications to companies in the fashion industry by assisting to evaluate and improve their triple impact.
  • Offering webinars and workshops on sustainable certifications and impact business ecosystems, across industries and regions.
  • Connecting impact enterprises and stakeholders by organizing events and creating strategic alliances, across industries and regions.

Why chosing Plura?

There is a growing demand of industries which are keen to evaluate themselves, be certified, improve, and share their attempts toward sustainable practices. For instance, in the fashion industry, from the stage of production to the stage of purchase of garments. 

Aware of the reliability and trust upon certified companies in current times, in Plura we are experienced in a wide range of options in the global market for sustainable certifications, such as the ISOS 14001 and 18001, B Certification, or Fair Trade. 

Plura Consulting is here to advise your company on how to meet a sustainable certification and how to continuously improve for a purpose. Thus, Plura also offers webinars and workshops to guide your company to impact by integrating community, business, and ecosystem.

In addition, we stay continuously updated and networking across industries and regions among the impact business ecosystems. These interactions represent a guarantee of our dynamic and interdisciplinary consultancy services. 

Our Values

Currently, businesses strive to reaffirm their commitment with the compliance of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals UN SDGs. Aiming to foster a triple bottom impact, their internal and external responsible practices need to be measured, as well as to be continuously improving. 

Under the UN SDGs, every stakeholder should be considered along the chain of value. By defining opportunities together with your company, we ensure the improvement of the conditions of producers, manufacturers, sellers, consumers, and resources across industries and regions.

Plura means universal and diverse. Universal, as we all humans need to fulfill our basic needs under equal opportunities, to excel our potentials for care for others and mother nature. Diverse, as we believe there is no development and prosperity without empathy and cooperation.

In Plura Consulting, we lead the evolution on the way of doing business. Introducing your company into the impact business ecosystems; standing out your brand while improving lives of remarkable communities and sustaining lives of ecosystems.

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