CONNECTING HUMANS, nature, AND prosperity

Plura Consulting is a Galapaguenian-Scandinavian firm established in Denmark in 2019, 

providing knowledge to elevate the reconnection with nature and human diversity.


In Plura, which means plural – we activate conscious, balanced, and regenerative individuals and organizations.

Join the journey and experience new life-conducive leadership and business model paradigms!




Your Purpose

Shape a sustainable mindset by aligning your passion, strategies, and purpose – to thrive now and prepare for the future.

Your Insights

Get immedite insights on regeneration and systems-thinking – to incorporate them in your leadership and business agenda.

Your Potential

Let's build new narratives together for a more conscious, empathic, and cross-collaborative paradigm – while financially thriving.

Your Team

Explore circularity, innovation, and inclusion to enhance your operational and organizational performance – creating systems change.

Your Image

Join the green wave designed to ensure the wellbeing of all your stakeholders and convey a holistic impact – inspired by nature and human diversity.