About our Courses

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Production, Foreign Commerce, Investment and Fisheries requested PLURA a three-week intensive program to position small enterprises and entrepreneurships as sustainable businesses and covered the following courses:

  • Course 1: Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
  • Course 2: UN Sustainable Development Goals in Business.
  • Course 3: Sustainable Certifications.
      Achieved goals:
  • Align purpose-driven brands and financial thrive.
  • Apply assessment tools to measure a sustainable business.
  • Convey business sustainability impact to stakeholders.

How PLURA helps to experience and implement Sustainability and Diversity?


Cristina Saransig

KintiDown – Ecuador

KintiDown arises from the holistic mindset that we have, as Kichwa-Otavalo indigenous people. Our entrepreneurship spirit was inspired by Down Syndrome, an unknown condition in our environment. However, we believed in our dream. We potentiated this enormous advantage with local cooperation and, at the same time, we took advantage of what the land offers us; as well as the sustenance and protection of our moors and natural environments. This wonderful integration could be defined and polished with the incorporation of the SDGs thanks to the training provided by PLURA, which has allowed our brand, apart from being sustainable, to have a triple impact in aspects such as: the reduction of waste and circular economy; in the empowerment of people with disabilities; in caring for and taking advantage of our ecosystems by being reciprocal. We are KintiDown and we go beyond the goal …

About our Sessions

PLURA CEO, Daniela Cox  is a B Leader trained in the first B Leader program in 2020 and is member of the B Leaders Network in the Nordic region. She accompanies to introduce and guide on the B Impact Assessment to boost the chances for companies to potentially obtain the B Corp certification. 

Further services by PLURA on Sustainability Advisory are independent from the B Corp movement.

Imarit is a creative clothing brand with a vision of circularity in clothing, where materials are kept in continual circulation and there is not textile waste. This European-based company creates handmade knitwear elaborated by women artisans in Peru, with locally-sourced organic alpaca wool.

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My Blue Label
My Blue Label@MyBlueLabel
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“PLURA introduced our firm on how to incorporate the SDGs in our business. Through inspiring examples and expert knowledge in the field, PLURA helped us identify new ways to communicate our sustainable practices in the Life Science industry”
Virago Mujeres
Virago Mujeres@viragomujeres
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"Cada charla con Daniela Cox, CEO de PLURA, es un nuevo despertar de conciencia, una oportunidad para replantearme aquellas cosas que llevamos décadas dando por hecho. Si no nos movemos las cosas no cambian y la flexibilidad, adaptación y resiliencia son esenciales en PLURA. Algunos de los retos que plantea la organización a título personal deberíamos considerarlos deberes sociales y tenerlos en cuenta como nuevos retos a nivel global, como la creación o regeneración de comunidades conscientes y diversas, tal y como charlamos en nuestro último encuentro”

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