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Plura’s Courses and Talks focus on linking success with sustainability and invites our clients into a world of conscious businesses.

A governmental institution needed Plura to conduct an online three-week course for its members – small and medium sized innovative enterprises to position their brand as sustainable businesses.

Plura was responsible for preparing content and setting the learning platform, presenting three modules, reviewing final projects, and evaluating the program. The course included the following modules:

-Entrepreneurship & Business-Innovation (E-Design)

-UN Sustainable Development Goals & SDG Action Manager tool

-B Corps & B Impact Assessment tool

The objective of the program was to:

-Motivate the participants by aligning sustainability, purpose-driven brand and prosperous business

-Introduce management tools to measure sustainability (SDG Action Manager) and triple-impact (B Impact Assessment)

-Identify, incorporate, measure, and convey sustainable practices and purpose within the company, clients, investors, and other stakeholders

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