Daniela Cox


Third-generation Galapagos islander with experience in multisectoral collaboration, sustainable business expert, regenerative practitioner, and B Leader. Master in Sustainable Business graduated in Australia, Galapagos naturalist guide, former municipal environmental director in Galapagos, former congresswoman representative of Galapagos at the National Assembly of Ecuador at 22, and ex advisory board member at the global network W4S Women 4 Solutions representative for Europe.

Daniela is also a mother abroad, proud of her origins and active storyteller. For her, diversity means to incorporate the local-based and ancestral knowledge into the modern world. This awareness influences her way to take the stakeholder value seriously and impact across regions.

As a naturalist guide for National Geographic and local-based companies interpreting the Galapagos natural and human history to world-wide tourists, she realized the opportunities towards a more equitable tourism model and is now keen to introduce and co-create a regenerative tourism model in the Galapagos. As a politician, she ran youth leadership initiatives influencing 200 local students, tackling educational and social challenges on the islands. As environmental director and young woman in decision-making processes, actively interacted with her community to improve the waste management program and workers conditions.

As a community organizer trained by The Wilderness Society Australia, she raised awareness to protect Australia’s endangered unique species. She has also lectured on her Galapagos community and local empowerment at Te Papa Museum in New Zealand and has attended the COP25 in Madrid – experiencing first-hand the messages from indigenous leaders for climate action and systems change solutions.

As CEO of Plura, Daniela has advised global-minded organizations in diverse industries, such as investments, life-science, fashion, jewelry, food, hospitality, among others. She has also presented at the Galapagos Board Council and the Nordic B Leaders Network – building new narratives through systems-thinking. Daniela’s background, activism and mindset are well-known in the consultancy field, suitable for advising purpose-driven organizations and activist corporations to thrive.

Jacob Knudsen


Born and raised close to Copenhagen, Jacob’s childhood is filled with memories from Blåvand (Blue Water), in the West of Denmark. Here, he developed a close attachment to the natural wonders of Northern Europe. Jacob completed a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Sustainability at Aarhus University in Denmark and a Master in Sustainable Business at Griffith University in Australia, learning how to integrate sustainability in the core competence of a firm.

Besides volunteering for the first community movement raising awareness on plastic pollution in Galapagos, Jacob worked for a composting start-up firm as an Environmental Investment Analyst during his studies in Australia. His tasks included networking at conferences and attending events at the Brisbane Municipality, creating marketing material and writing a long-term sustainability plan. Likewise, he worked at the Environmental Department of the Municipality of Tårnby, where he got first-hand experience on the importance of accurate communication with citizens when implementing new waste management programs.

Jacob is a board member at Plura Consulting, with experience in the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. He is also partner and chief commercial officer in My Blue Label, a Danish company offering IT systems and compliance services for the Life-Science industry.


Donina Castelo


Donina (Nuna) is a creative and global-minded designer.  She completed a BA in Communication Design at USFQ, in her home-country, Ecuador. Currently, she is finishing her Master in Integrated Design in Germany, with a semester abroad in Poland.

Nuna has experience in visual communication in the public and private sector. Her work reflects that design is not only about aesthetics but functionality for problem-solving.

Her passion for traveling and inspiration on global trends, creates Nuna’s own style based her Latina American cultural background.

Nuna’s contribution using design as a conscious tool is crucial to Plura, as it communicates and encourages us humans to understand, reach, and implement sustainable solutions to global issues. 

Her next professional step is to expand her horizons into the world of Product Design – combining her talent, sensitivity, and innovation.

Frederik Bill Wiberg


Frederik is an ambitious and resourceful young man from Denmark. He is currently completing an International Bachelors in Social Science focusing on Politics and Business, giving him a wide array of relevant insights which contribute in Plura.

Frederik has work experiences in different industries, mainly from start-ups and clothing firms. His combination of studies and work experiences makes him essential for marketing and sales, along with contributing to navigating within political dynamics in current times. He emphasizes creativity, teamwork and proactivity when engaging across his tasks.

Being highly passionate about nature, sustainable development, and the green transition, Frederik brings positive energy to Plura and plays a significant role in bringing new ideas and initiatives to the table, along with the implementation of them.

Christian Knudsen


Originally from Denmark, Christian is a service minded, social and concise young man, with a realistic and solution-based approach to businesses. He thrives well in a dynamic and conscious work environment – with the goal of contributing to the professionalism as well as being able to have a laugh. Balance means a lot to him both in nature and in the workplace.

It is important for him to help others and to find happiness in doing so. He has experience in marketing, advising, and customer service with a global minded scope. This mainly comes in relation to his studies as a service economist, as well as to his insights considering diverse cultures – gained through his travels abroad.

He believes that everyone should be able to be sustainable in one way or another. Christian’s ability to combine an empathic and creative view in the needs of dynamic markets is a fundamental to Plura – to find the way he and his team can be most efficient in creating sustainable solutions to impact.