CONNECTING HUMANS, nature, AND prosperity

Plura Consulting is a Danish-Galapaguenian firm established in Denmark in 2019. We advise on sustainable and regenerative business strategies and design conscious content through Courses and Talks, with a fresh perspective on business development to add value and boost potential –  for small to medium sized enterprises.


As the name Plura, which means many – we want everyone to ride the green wave. Let’s start a journey ensuring our future generations live in an even better world than the one we live today.


Whether your company is experienced in sustainability or just starting, our services offer:

Sustainability Advisory 

Evaluating your company operations and impact business model through assessment tools to incorporate regenerative leadership for business strategies with purpose.


Courses and Talks

Designing and tailoring conscious content presenting the following Courses and Talks in English, Danish, or Spanish:

–  Regenerative Leadership in Business.

– UN Sustainable Development Goals & SDG Action Manager tool.

–  B Corps & B Impact Assessment tool.

Nordic B Leader, Daniela Cox, introducing the B Corp movement to Business Administration students at Frederiksberg VUC, Copenhaguen. 


Live and On Demand

Tailored to your context or industry


Pay only when fully satisfied


English, Danish, or Spanish