As a sustainability expert and part of our Galapagos community for regenerative practices, I connect stakeholders across regions through Storytelling & Systems-Thinking. To me, diversity means to combine local-based knowledge and ancestral wisdom with modern world science and innovations. My own experience as a third generation Galapaguenian, influences my awareness to actively take and advocate for the stakeholder value seriously.

Traditional leadership and business models are lineal, extractive, dominant, and competitive. They forget to intersect sustainability with individual, cultural, social, and economic scopes. Thus, sustainability is usually designed from a top-down level, underestimating the potential and opportunities when applying it bottom-up level, through organic self-determined and participatory processes.

As a mother, regenerative practitioner, and B Leader, I work in ecosystems with individuals and organizations, who are capable to create the conditions to conduce life with consciousness, empathy, collaboration towards regeneration. Aware that, climate crisis is a social-cultural crisis, understanding the balance between humans, ecosystems, and organizations is vital – not to survive but to thrive.

Being born and raised in Galapagos, where sustainability is rooted in our community and lifestyle, shaped my passion for balancing humans, nature, and prosperity. While traveling around to experience diverse cultures, I realized that this balance should not be limited to our fragile ecosystems. After studying in mainland Ecuador and graduating as a Master in Sustainable Business at Griffith University in Australia, Plura Consulting was established in Denmark in 2019, aiming to become the Nordic-Galapaguenian firm connecting those three components around the world.

In Plura, we design Courses and Sustainability Consultancy to elevate regenerative values and align them within individuals and their organizations, to become more inclusive, ecologically conscious, and economically sustainable. Our value proposition is our interdisciplinary scope, combining innovative modern assessment tools, by B Lab, and ancestral regenerative techniques, such as Storytelling, for the wellbeing across all the stakeholders.

Daniela Cox

CEO, Plura Consulting

Regenerative leaders and businesses incorporate sustainability from an interdisciplinary and human diversity approach to meet a financial thrive. 

Photo: Daniela Cox (12) in her original community on San Cristobal Island, presenting a cultural event organized by the Galapagos National Park. Galapagos Islands, 2000.