Being born and raised in Galapagos, where sustainability is rooted in our community and lifestyle, shaped my passion and understanding for connecting humans, nature, and prosperity. 

While growing up, I realized that the balance between the three of them should not be limited to fragile ecosystems but set the foundations for leadership and business models worldwide.

Times as a Galapagos naturalist guide, first-hand facing the ongoing evolution of species and human societies, remind me on how individuals, organizations and systems experience continuous change to evolve and improve.

Once completing a Master in Sustainable Business at Griffith University in Australia, Plura Consulting was established in Denmark in 2019. 

Today, I run Plura Consulting as a sustainable business expert, regenerative practitioner, and B Leader trained in the first Nordic B Leaders program in 2020. I help organizations becoming socially inclusive, culturally diverse, environmentally conscious, and economically sustainable.

In Plura, we build new narratives through systems-thinking, to integrate a sustainable and regenerative mindset in life, leadership, and workplace. 

Understanding and connecting with nature and human diversity is vital for humans, the ecosystems, and organizations – not to survive but to thrive.

Daniela Cox

CEO, Plura Consulting

Sustainable and regenerative leaders and businesses seek the balance for a conscious financial thrive. 

Photo: Daniela Cox (12) in her original community on San Cristobal Island, presenting a cultural event organized by the Galapagos National Park. Galapagos Islands, 2000.