Being born and raised in the Galapagos Islands, where sustainability is rooted in our communities and lifestyle, shaped my scope for integrating economics, society, and nature.

Since I studied in mainland Ecuador and later abroad, I realized that harmonizing nature and society should not be limited to fragile ecosystems like Galapagos, but instead it must be incorporated as the backbone of any society. 

For that reason, I completed a Master in Sustainable Business at Griffith University in Australia, grounding the foundations to establish Plura Consulting in 2019. Plura means diversity, promoting a business development with conscious, empathic, and collaborative leadership.

Today, mindful consumers demand responsible products and services, either in Galapagos or in Denmark. Thus, small to medium sized enterprises expect to meet current ongoing global political and environmental policies – towards more sustainable and regenerative economies.

As a Nordic B Corp Leader, graduated in the first-ever training program by B Corp Denmark, I introduce the B Corp movement, its assessment tool, and its certification process – incorporating sustainable and regenerative business strategies to thrive wellbeing and harmony between humans, nature, and prosperity.

As a regenerative practitioner, I connect people and organizations with nature and within themselves as part of interrelated systems, to help realize their uniqueness and value adding potential to evolve. I was inspired through The Regenerators Journey by Jenny Andersson and Laura Storm (Danish co-author to the book Regenerative Leadership).

I am delighted to advise or design purpose-driven Courses and Talks for your small or medium sized enterprise.

Daniela Cox

CEO, Plura Consulting

Likewise other species, communities are tanglible achievements of conscious, empathic and collaborative leadership. Daniela Cox (13) sharing with her local community, while presenting a public event organized by the Galapagos National Park. Playa Mann – San Cristobal Island, 2000.