Being born and raised in Galapagos, where sustainability is rooted in our lifestyle, shaped my interconnection with our natural ecosystems, our local community, the private sector, and our leaders.

Most leaders and companies have a limited understanding of the potential of Sustainability and Diversity. They see Sustainability from an environmental scope and Diversity from a gender scope. This results in a loss of new ideas, therefore constraining a leader’s and company’s potential for innovation.

By understanding Sustainability from a broader scope, leaders and companies will implement deeper values and effective practices at a personal and organizational level. For instance, intersecting Sustainability across economic, social, cultural, and personal matters, which potentiate human capacities and available resources.

By embracing Diversity from a broader perspective, leaders and companies will seek local and global opportunities across regions, to thrive rather than to survive. For example, combining ancestral knowledge and modern technology to build a holistic vision, which contributes to innovation.

PLURA offers Sessions, Events, and Courses, while building a Community, inspired by sustainable certifications and regenerative principles – nurturing a stakeholder value with trust, balance, and simplicity.

Established in 2019, we have participated as panelists at events in Copenhagen and Galapagos. We have been interviewed by podcasts in Denmark, Spain, and Mexico. Our services have been shared on Danish, Argentinian, and Ecuadorian articles, such as in Forbes Ecuador.

Daniela Cox. Plura Consulting, CEO

Photo: Daniela Cox (12) on San Cristobal Island, presenting a cultural and environmental event organized by the Galapagos National Park. Galapagos Islands, 2000.