Our History

Being born and raised in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, where sustainability is rooted in our every-day lifestyle, have shaped my social and environmental awareness since early age. The fact that Galapagos is inhabited by a population highly community-oriented and aware of its natural ecosystems, drove my passion and curiosity for listening, sharing and exchanging knowledge between Scandinavia and Latin America.

Plura Consulting emerged in April 2019, facing the challenges for defining and measuring sustainability. By the end of 2019, while redefining our concept seeking for our Plura tangible product, I got inspired after watching a video from 12 Ecuadorian sustainable companies certified by one of the tools to assess and track triple impact in your business. Thus, we chose to start the journey of the certifications; assessing the triple impact of the fashion industry, addressing its tools to track sustainable practices according to a range of options available in the global market.

The climate crisis, the creativity of humankind, the diversity of cultures and its  interpretations, and the ethics of the ones capable to absorb them all together for doing good, lighted up a sparkle on Plura – a so much needed pathway to integrate business, community, and ecosystems from a local and global insight.

– Daniela Cox, CEO Plura Consulting

Daniela Cox (12) presenting a social and environmental event organized by the Galapagos National Park and other institutions. Location: Playa Mann in San Cristobál, Galapagos Islands.