Plura Consulting was established in Denmark in 2019, as a Galapaguenian-Scandinavian firm, helping individuals and organizations to integrate and experience sustainability and regeneration in leadership and business, from a holistic and systemic vision.

Being born and raised in Galapagos, where sustainability is rooted in our lifestyle, shaped my understanding about the relationship with ourselves, our local communities, our organizations, and the natural ecosystems we use and depend on. Once graduated from a master in Sustainable Business in Australia, I realized that sustainability focuses only on the environmental wellbeing, as we live leadership and business models that are lineal.

By intersecting sustainability across individual, social, cultural, and economic matters through a holistic vision, we can help implementing specific values, practices, or processes more effectively and deeply – at a personal and organizational level.

Also, by combining binaries, such as local and global mindsets, or ancestral wisdom and modern technology, we can help identifying our global responsibilities and opportunities to thrive rather than to survive as humanity co-existing in the same planet.

In Plura, we promote regenerative societies and markets. That means, we value the available resources and human capacities to flourish and thrive, rather than waste them or demand new ones. We offer Mindful Courses and Life-Conducive Sessions inspired by sustainable certifications and regenerative principles – nurturing a stakeholder value with caring, balance, diversity, empathy, vulnerability, healing, and co-creation.

Daniela Cox

Plura Consulting, CEO

Photo: Daniela Cox (12) on San Cristobal Island, presenting a cultural and environmental community event organized by the Galapagos National Park. Galapagos Islands, 2000.