Our History

Being born and raised in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, where sustainability is rooted in our community and lifestyle, has shaped my awareness to integrate the environmental and social systems. Galapagos is inhabited and highly community-oriented. Our local people are committed to protect the uniqueness of the Archipelago. However, the islands also face ecological pressure due to the fast-growing tourism industry.

Living on the islands my whole life, I thought that Galapagos was the only place on Earth struggling with the challenges to balance conservation and human development. Across time, I have realized that protected as well as unprotected areas around the world, also face the same challenges.

This personal realization sparked the origin of Plura. Starting in 2019, Plura is a Danish consulting firm that integrates business, community and ecosystem.

Responsible businesses in a caring economy model guarantee our sustainable future. In current times, purpose-driven brands and triple-impact businesses are needed more than ever. Plura supports your company along this transition to be part of our impactful network of stakeholders, who think globally and act locally.

– Daniela Cox, CEO Plura Consulting –


Daniela Cox (12) presenting a cultural and

environmental event organized by the

Galapagos National Park and other 




Location: Playa Mann in San Cristobal,

capital of the Galapagos Islands.