Our People

Daniela Cox

CEO- Plura Consulting

Third generation Galapagos islander, Sustainable Business (MA) in Australia, Marine Ecologist (BA) in Ecuador, naturalist guide, ex municipal environmental management director, ex alternate representative of Galapagos at the National Assembly of Ecuador at 22, and presenter for Galapagos organizations since age 12.

As a naturalist guide for National Geographic and other expedition companies, she interpreted the Galapagos natural and human history for tourists from around the world. As elected Galapagos politician, she run youth leadership initiatives to positively influence 200 local students. As environmental director, she actively interacted with her community to improve the waste management program.

As a community organizer trained by The Wilderness Society Australia, she organized environmental events and campaigns to change Australian laws to protect its endangered species. She also joined one of the first community-based movements raising awareness on plastic pollution in Galapagos.

Daniela has ten years of experience with stakeholders, coordinating and implementing projects that integrate community and ecosystems. Also, raising awareness on climate and social justice by advocating for local participation in decision-making processes. For this reason, she lectured for the EIANZ Annual Conference 2017 in New Zealand.

Established in Denmark since 2019, Daniela is the CEO at Plura Consulting, as a Galapagos islander woman in the business evolution to impact.

Jacob Knudsen

Board member - Plura Consulting

Born and raised close to Copenhagen, Jacob’s childhood is filled with memories from Blåvand (Blue Water), in the West of Denmark. Here, he developed a close attachment to the natural wonders of Northern Europe. Jacob completed a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Sustainability at Aarhus University in Denmark and a Master in Sustainable Business at Griffith University in Australia, learning how to integrate sustainability in the core competence of a firm.

Besides volunteering for the first community movement raising awareness on plastic pollution in Galapagos, Jacob worked for a composting start-up firm as an Environmental Investment Analyst during his studies in Australia. His tasks included networking at conferences and attending events at the Brisbane Municipality, creating marketing material and writing a long-term sustainability plan. Likewise, he worked at the Environmental Department of the Municipality of Tårnby, where he got first-hand experience on the importance of accurate communication with citizens when implementing new waste management programs.

Jacob was appointed board member because of his experience and his engagement with Plura Consulting’s strategic and communicative agenda. Jacob is a native Danish speaker and a valuable element for the company as he is continuously networking and working with companies that want to implement the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Jose Anon

Business Analyst - Plura Consulting

Jose is a Spanish 23 years old who has been able to accomplish significant goals that he set himself when he turned 18 – He graduated, moved abroad, and got a job that fit with his sustainable objectives to make the world a better place. 

Jose is passionate about new challenges, which allows him to meet people, travel, create a positive environmental impact while generate wealth. During his work he has been involved in different projects from which he has learned things beyond his imagination. 

Jose’s first personal project was to launch a collection of ecological clothing with recycled materials. In 2018, his second project was a “food truck” focused on vegan female students. The first project generated 100% benefits compared to total investment. In 2019, Jose worked in Tel Aviv, Israel, for a company focused on Artificial Intelligence within Image Recognition Technologies in e-commerce. The work also included a study case where the technology was applied to online sales.

In the same year,  Jose was an intern at DTU in a project for the Danish Government of Foreign Affairs and for the Mexico City government of urban mobility. The project consisted of creating an electric transport network that circulated through the center of Mexico City, achieving an environmental impact of 0% of CO2.

Jose´ is a “problem solver” and always focused on looking for solutions innovative and creative. Jose is global citizen 100% committed in everything he does – and does not stop until the objective has been met.

Jose has knowledge in Control of Emotions and Personal Self-Management, certified by the University of Barcelona in Catalonia. His main strength and contributions are his energy and willingness to learn. Jose is therefore an essential part of the Plura team.