Daniela Cox


Third generation Galapagos islander, Sustainable Business (MA) in Australia, Marine Ecologist (BA) in Ecuador, naturalist guide, ex municipal environmental management director, ex alternate representative of Galapagos at the National Assembly of Ecuador at 22, and presenter for Galapagos organizations since age 12.

As a naturalist guide for National Geographic and other expedition companies, she interpreted the Galapagos natural and human history for tourists from around the world. As elected Galapagos politician, she ran youth leadership initiatives to positively influence 200 local students. As environmental director, she actively interacted with her community to improve the waste management program.

As a community organizer trained by The Wilderness Society Australia, she organized environmental events and campaigns to change Australian laws to protect its endangered species. She also joined one of the first community-based movements raising awareness on plastic pollution in Galapagos.

Daniela has ten years of experience with stakeholders, coordinating and implementing projects that integrate community and ecosystems. Also, raising awareness on climate and social justice by advocating for local participation in decision-making processes. For this reason, she lectured for the EIANZ Annual Conference 2017 in New Zealand.

Established in Denmark in 2019, Daniela is a sustainable strategies advisor running Plura Consulting. Either alone or in collaborations, she designs the Sustainable and Regenerative business strategies for your small and medium sized enterprises.

Jacob Knudsen


Born and raised close to Copenhagen, Jacob’s childhood is filled with memories from Blåvand (Blue Water), in the West of Denmark. Here, he developed a close attachment to the natural wonders of Northern Europe. Jacob completed a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Sustainability at Aarhus University in Denmark and a Master in Sustainable Business at Griffith University in Australia, learning how to integrate sustainability in the core competence of a firm.

Besides volunteering for the first community movement raising awareness on plastic pollution in Galapagos, Jacob worked for a composting start-up firm as an Environmental Investment Analyst during his studies in Australia. His tasks included networking at conferences and attending events at the Brisbane Municipality, creating marketing material and writing a long-term sustainability plan. Likewise, he worked at the Environmental Department of the Municipality of Tårnby, where he got first-hand experience on the importance of accurate communication with citizens when implementing new waste management programs.

Jacob is a native Danish speaker and a valuable element for the company as he is continuously networking and working with companies that want to implement the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Jacob is a board member at Plura Consulting. He is also partner and chief commercial officer in My Blue Label, a Danish company offering  IT system and consultancy service for the life science industry.

José Añón

Business Analyst - spain

José is a Spanish young visionary and passionate about new challenges, traveling, meeting people and creating a positive environmental impact while generate wealth. His academic career took place in Spain and abroad, at DTU in Denmark.

José has experience in entrepreneurship and innovation. For instance, he launched a collection of ecological clothing with recycled materials and he started a “food truck” for vegan female students as target group. José also joined a project creating an electric transport network in the center of Mexico City with 0% CO² emissions and he got experience on Artificial Intelligence and e-commerce in Tel Aviv, Israel.

His background contributes Plura by connecting industries across sectors and regions, while advising and accompanying companies in their process of evaluation.

Ángela Brito

Environmental consultant - AUSTRALIA

Originally from Colombia and based in Australia, Luz’s relationship with the environment was shaped while growing up in the Caribbean Coast outdoors. Luz Angela completed a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering in her country and a master’s in Environmental Science major in Environmental Protection at Griffith University in Australia.

Experienced in the waste and water sector in Contelac Ltd., a Colombian company, Luz completed a Diploma as an Internal Auditor in OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. As head of the Environmental Department at 21, she travelled across regions in her country for developing Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Management Plans as well as implementing ISOS and OHSAS guidelines.

Luz is responsible to assist companies in their evaluation and transition towards sustainable businesses, generating a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

Donina Castelo


Donina is a creative and global-minded designer born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. She completed a BA in Communication Design at USFQ. Currently, she is finishing her Master in Integrated Design in Germany with a semester abroad in Poland.

Donina has experience in visual communication in the public and private sector. Her work reiterates that design is not only about aesthetics but functionality for problem solving. Her passion for traveling and inspiration on global trends, creates Donina’s own style based on her cultural background.

Donina’s contribution using design as a powerful tool is crucial to Plura, as it communicates and encourages people to reach viable and sustainable solutions for global issues. Her next professional step is to expand her horizons into the world of Product Design.

Luciana Verástegui


Luciana is a Mexican environmental youth leader. Due to her activism, she was invited as an observer to the International event of the UNFCCC and as a Youth Delegate of México at the COP25 and the COY15, in Madrid.

She is also the UN SDGs’ Youth State Coordinator being engaged with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth Mexico, and at the organization Plant for the Planet. Currently, she is the Contact Point of the UN initiative YOUNGO – International Ocean’s Voice Working Group, coordinating 119+ youth from 38+ countries representing four of the ocean’s regions. This working group focuses on the consolidation of an international action group that supports ocean conservation initiatives to enable progress towards the training of the next decision-makers.

Through her background, Luciana is in charge of outreaching young professionals and connecting them with our Alliances – creating impactful opportunities for both.

Luis Carlos Morillo


Luis Carlos is a Mexican young man passionate about nature. He studied in a UNESCO partner School, which promotes social activism, responsible waste management and sustainable development. Through his educational opportunities in a wide range of settings, he has gained skills on social and public speaking, critical thinking and problem solving.

Growing up in Cancun has shaped his social-environmental awareness and activism. Since early age, he has been engaged in social and environmental projects. Currently, he is leading initiatives for local and global action, as secretary and board member of YOUNGO International Ocean ‘s Voice Working Group – an international youth network supporting ocean conservation.

Luis Carlos aims to link his future career in Biomedical Engineering with sustainable educational projects. His leadership and strong commitment for incorporating the scope of sustainability into new-coming professions, make him worthy to join Plura Consulting with his expertise.